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The Glaice Water Corporation

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of

The ND Pharma & Biotech Company

40th Wall Street · Trump Building

New York, New York




GLAICE Water is a perfect combination of pristine pure Natural Mineral Water infused with Mother Nature’s Alkaline Ionic Minerals to restructure such original water into Alkaline Ionized Water.


That technology  creates a powerful reaction that transforms water reducing its molecule clusters and restructuring in a shelf-stable way. As a result, GLAICE has a distinguished smooth silky taste with a powerful and stable alkaline pH of 8.0+. 


GLAICE is the infused hydration choice designed to counterbalance acidity and complement a balanced and alkaline healthy lifestyle, conforming the world leading bottled Alkaline Ionized Water brand. 


GLAICE is an ultra-premium drinking water with an alkalized pH of over 8.0 that utilizes the proprietary ND Pharma & Biotech´s ALKIOW TM Alkaline Ionized Water System Technology, making it the only drinking water in the market that can maintain a stable negative (-) ionization.


Since GLAICE is alkaline with an 8.0+ pH and negative ionized, it can help the body to restore and maintain the electrolitic balance.

© 2018 The GLAICE WATER Co. / A wholly owned subsidiary of ND Pharma & Biotech Company Limited · All Rights Reserved

Industrial & Commercial Partner


Explotaciones Internacionales Acuíferas S.A.

Avda. de Las Nieves, 37.

Móstoles, Madrid, Spain.

Tel. +34 91 649 37 50

Fax +34 91 649 38 00

Bottling Plant

Aguas Sierra Cazorla

(Brand Name of EIASA)

Carretera del Tranco, Km, 15

Villanueva del Arzobispo

Jaén, Spain.

Tel: +34 902 602 929

Distributed by:

Iberia, France, UK, Poland & Emirates

Laboratorios ALMOND SL

Avda. Cabecicos Blancos

Librilla, Murcia, Spain.

Tel: +34 968 668 606
Fax:+34 968 668 602


Aguas de Borines S.A.

Calle 19 de julio, 6 - 1ºB
33002 Oviedo
Principado de Asturias
T. 985 210960


HGBS Consourcing SLU

Central Office

Moratin 14, 4ºC

46002, Valencia, Spain

Tel: +34 962 062 340

Eastern Europe & Russian Federation


Botiguers, 3, 1ª Planta

46980, Paterna,

Valencia, Spain

Tel & Fax: +34 964 450 498

Licensing Office


Parque Empresarial Táctica

Edificio Onofre, P.3

46980 Valencia, Spain


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