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50 years of


To Reach The "Evolution of Water"


Alkaline     onized Water

from Natural Mineral Source

The Water of The 21 Century

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The Science Behind GLAICE


Science is the core of our business and our reason to exist.


And Science is what is also behind GLAICE.

Years of research and development, scientific discoveries and the contrast of results to reach what we have named as " The Evolution of Water".

Water Structuration! How it happens?

Did you know that water could form different structures depending on how each molecule bond together?


Structured water is composed of six tiny molecules of water in hexagonal shapes, just like you see in snowflakes. Your cell walls are also formed of a hexagonally shaped matrix. And that’s why, like LEGO bricks, micro-clustered and hexagonal water can perfectly fit into your cell walls.

On the other hand, regular water is composed of large pentagonal shaped water clusters, and will not penetrate your cell walls. So it must be re-structured within your body to be absorbed, which is an energy-consuming and inefficient process.

Even then only about 20% of that is actually hexagonally structured at the most. Think about it. 4 out of every 5 glasses of water you drink go into your toilet. As a result you end up staying dehydrated and keep wondering why you are feeling tired!

Water also carries essential nutrients and oxygen along with itself. If it can’t get inside your cells, it means you are not utilizing those nutrients and oxygen. That’s why it’s not only the amount of water you drink, but how much of it that actually gets absorbed by your body that matters.

NMR or Nuclear molecular size of the water.

The chart shows the test results of different types of water.


GLAICE is micro-clustered and hexagonal water at the 60 Hertz line width which is identical to the water within your cells.


Other unstructured water has larger line widths that don’t match your cells and are not preferred by your body.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a method to measure the molecular size of the water. 

Top Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline Ionized Water is Hexagonal Water. So having basic understanding of what hexagonal water is, you are now probably looking for the health benefits of hexagonal water. There has to be a reason why people would go to such great lengths to get as high a percentage concentration of hexagonal water structures as possible in the water they are drinking. That is the purpose of this page. The health benefits of hexagonal water are going to be explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.


Body Hydration

With our bodies made up of so much water (adult male approximately 70% compared to an adult female at 55%) it is no wonder that water is so important to our bodies and our overall health. When talking about hydrating the body, there are many aspects which come into play. Absorption is the process by which our trillions of cells accept the water and in return give up, or flush out the toxins in our cells. Sounds like a simple process. Drink plenty of water to hydrate our cells and flush out toxins. Problem is as we get older, as we age, the speed at which our cells accept water decreases. As we get older we have to drink more and more water to ensure proper hydration. Enter the purpose of hexagonal water.

Grater Body Hydration


Hexagonal water is in a form that our trillions of cells can accept easier and faster. What this results in is better hydration* with less volume of water. The hexagonal water moves faster and easier through our cells, thus allowing for better hydration, effective cleansing and even increasing our cellular energy levels. With proper hydration, mental clarity and more cellular energy are two of the major health benefits of hexagonal water.*

Safer and Faster Detoxification


Water is easily transported in our bodies and is used as a vehicle to transport items within our bodies. Water can transport nutrients into our cells and of course it can also transport waste out of our cells. As hexagonal water is more rapidly absorbed into our cells the process of eliminating waste also speeds up*. When an individual starts to drink hexagonal water this detoxification effect can be quickly as the frequency of urination should increase as well as the potential for experiencing smoother urinations. In addition to this bowel movements should also become more regulated and softer as the detoxification becomes more apparent; essentially hexagonal water is promoting healthy digestion.*


Better metabolic activity

The efficient nature and structure of hexagonal water allows for faster transportation of nutrients throughout the body. The hexagonal water allows the enzymes in our bodies that work on metabolism to become more active and thus perform better. This is caused by the enhanced activity of the enzymes as they are allowed to move faster because of the hexagonal water.*

Increased Immunity


Research has proven water plays a major role of a healthy immune system. However it's not just any water which promotes a healthy immune system, there is more to it than that. As the hexagonal water surrounds healthy DNA and improves cellular activity, it promotes a healthy immune system. Conversely unorganized water goes hand in hand with diseased cells and DNA. Drinking more unorganized water does nothing for promoting healthy cells and DNA.*

Better Cellular Communication


When a healthy baby is born, the body is in balance and the water contained within the body is hexagonal. This is a coherent or homeostatic state of the body. As the baby grows into an adult, and the individual drinks more and more unorganized water for hydration, it over the years replaces the abundance of hexagonal water within the body. This decrease in hexagonal water in the body reduces the cellular communication between the millions of cells within the body. Drinking more hexagonal water can help to replace the hexagonal water in the body, and increase cellular communication.* This potential increase in cellular communication can improve the functioning of the cells and ultimately help to promote a healthy and vital lifestyle.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration neither other Regulatory Agencies within the EU. Glaice Water, Hexagonal Water and/or alkaline ionized water, despite the fact that have a number of health promotion benefits and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Water Gets Rich in Ionic Minerals

Minerals come to life and gets absorbed efficiently.

The minerals in tap or bottled water are colloidal minerals with no electrical charge. In order for these dead minerals to be absorbed, they must first get “activated” in the body. This activation process involves conversion of the colloidal minerals into ionic minerals. Your body can only assimilate minerals that are in ionic form. That’s why colloidal minerals must be dismantled into smaller parts and obtains an electrical charge to become ionic minerals. Once they do that, they have the ability to cross the intestinal membrane. This is a very inefficient and energy consuming process.

On the other hand, ionic minerals are ready to be utilized by your body. They are easily transported across the highly selective cell membranes of the human digestive tract. Our proprietary process of water transformation converts colloidal minerals in the Natural Mineral Water into ionic minerals.


That means your body has to employ less energy in order to absorb these minerals. In addition to the magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium present in Mineral Water, once that water is transformed and clustered by re-structuration, other trace elements appear to make a full spectrum of ionic minerals and substances that replenish your body with natural fuel coming from that elements.


Water gets Alkaline & Oxygen-Rich The perfect state of wellness and vitality

Did you know that most of the food you consume in your daily life is acidic? A pH of 7 is neutral. A pH below 7 is acidic and above is alkaline. Every point lower or higher is a factor of 10. So if you drink a can of pop, which has 2.5 pH, that’s 100,000 more acidic than your blood! In fact, most of the drinks and foods we eat are acidic. This includes meat, dairy products, sports drinks, and coffee.

So what’s alkaline water? All natural water consists of H2O molecules with OH- and H+ ions in very small quantities. It is these ions that give acidity and alkalinity to water. The pH of water is a measure of the quantity of H+ ions in the water. When these ions are equal in number, the water is neutral, when the H+ is higher it is more acidic, when the OH- ions are higher, it is more alkaline.

In regular water both acidic and alkaline minerals are mixed together. However, when water gets charged with electrical energy, ionization causes the hydrogen within to get separated into hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-). This separation happens when all the alkaline elements in the water are drawn towards the negatively charged plate and all the acidic elements are drawn toward the positively charged plate.

Each of these ions is formed around an alkaline or an acidic mineral. Every OH- ion will be bonded with an alkaline mineral like calcium. Every H+ ion will be bonded with an acidic mineral like sulphate.

OH- ions are a form of oxygen, a stable form as it is bonded with an alkaline mineral. When two such molecules combine they produce a molecule of water, the organic mineral itself, and pure oxygen. All three are absolutely essential for your body: water, oxygen, and ionic alkaline minerals.

Take a quick look at blood. As we know, blood has lots of water in it, and so it also has a ratio of both the acidic and the alkaline water. When there are more alkaline ions, there is more oxygen in the blood. In fact, if your blood is just a tiny bit more alkaline (from 7.3 to 7.45), it will be holding around 67% more oxygen. This means more energy for you!


is More Than Water!


Alkaline Ionized Water

from Natural Mineral Source

"In 1904, Danish scientist Christian Bohr noticed that hemoglobin binds oxygen more tightly at high pH than it does at low pH. This phenomenon is called the Bohr effect, and it has to do with hemoglobin's ability to pick up or donate hydrogen ions."

Blood pH

The pH of your blood is very tightly buffered thanks to the bicarbonate it contains and to hemoglobin, which can pick up or lose hydrogen ions to counteract changes in pH. That's why the pH of your blood stays within a narrow range. Since your cells release carbon dioxide as they break down sugars, however, the carbon dioxide and carbonic acid concentration is higher in blood flowing through your tissues than blood in your lungs, where it is relatively carbon dioxide–poor. 

"As pH rises, hemoglobin loses hydrogen ions from specific amino acids at key sites in its structure, and this causes a subtle change in its structure that enhances its ability to bind oxygen. When pH falls, the reverse happens: hemoglobin picks up hydrogen ions and its affinity for oxygen decreases".

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